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Current mood: Tired.

This is one of those days when I don't know what to write here, because everything I think of just sounds like whining...
Car's got winter tyres now. This year, the snow was faster. Need to take her back to the repair place next week though to fix the oil leak -- that's going to be expensive. At least I won't have to drive much this winter so I can save on the gasoline.
We ordered shirts this week. More info when they'll arrive next week, although if you're curious enough and poke around the site a bit, you can already find out.
Hey, look at my cat!

Spiky's Link of the Day:

Bored? Here's something to keep you busy looking at it... the Picture of Everything! Can you find Schrödinger's Cat? Doraemon? Where's Waldo?

Author's notes:

Turned out different from what I thought it would look like, it's always like that with new characters.
But it's all good :) I kinda want to draw panel 4 in bigger size, better quality, and colours.

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