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So, yeah. The reason I did that poll last week is, my employer kicked me out (along with a couple of my colleagues), economic downturn, you're not needed anymore, yadda yadda yadda. So I might have some extra free time for a while.

The results at the time I'm writing this are:
39% would like to see the comic update three times per week, doesn't matter when; 36% strongly prefer Monday/Wednesday/Friday; 14% want it to stay at twice a week, and 11% prefer Tuesday/Thursday/Friday (which is also my own preference).
Thanks to all who voted!

The reasons I don't like Monday/Wednesday/Friday:
a) I want to keep the current update days Tuesday and Friday and rather only add to them than change them; b) I'm doing the bulk of the comic work on Sundays, and would rather not have to remember having to do the update on Sunday evenings as well. c) If I do the comic work during the week (now that I'm unemployed), I would like to keep the Sunday totally free. d) If I ever go "fulltime" with the comic, that would probably mean a Tuesday-Friday (4 days a week) schedule.

What I will probably do:
During January, run the comic three times a week. (Probably Tuesday/Thursday/Friday, although not 100% sure yet.)
In February, most likely switch back to twice a week, and consider how to continue, based on how the January went, and what my job situation then is.

Sound good to you? I hope it does :)

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Like clowns? Evil clowns? Sweet dreams, then. (Flash)

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Hmmm. Should have just copied the smith, at least then he would look the same...
Hey, next one is 200! :)

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