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Two more days, and I'll hopefully know about the work situation. When I'll find out about the court situation, I do not know.
As the two-year anniversary of this webcomic is drawing nearer, I have been thinking a bit about where this is headed, and how to best continue it in the future. I do have the general storyline done; I will probably write more about this here in the coming weeks. But how to organise it best is a whole different question...
I definitely hope to have more time for comic-related work in the future. Or at the very least, not any less than now...
Edit: Man, I should not type these blurbs when tired; so many typos in the first version ...

Spiky's Link of the Day:

You know what's totally absurd? Some of the patents issued in America. Like the Bird Powered Blimp from 1887, the Extreme Combover from 1975, the Pet Petter from 1989, or the Loopy Lou from 2001. My favourite currently is the Dummy Chicken Farmer.

Author's notes:

Well look who's talking. At least he will finally be able to convince Vincent to buy new clothes ;P

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