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Current mood: Tired.

I am very much out of energy.
Waiting for results of the company's lay-off procedure wears me out.
Fighting with my ex-landlord over exactly how much renovation has to be done (it's going to court now) wears me out.
Please bear with me if the quality of comments, spikylinks, or even the comic itself goes down for a bit... I'll still try my best not to miss a single update.

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Bored? Bored enough to question the meaning of life, the universe, and everything? Time to play 42 games. (Flash)

Author's notes:

Hmmm, this one has a lot of mistakes. Probably because I was so scared of having to draw action. ;)
No really, I don't approve of hitting your best friend in the face, even if it seems the right thing to do.

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