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Current mood: Sad/Worried.

I am currently considering changing this comic's update schedule.
I'm thinking that I might be able to draw three comics per week. If I do that, I'm not sure when to update, though. Currently the comic updates Tuesdays and Fridays; comics that update three times a week usually update Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I'd rather keep the existing dates and just add another, I think. My preferred schedule would be Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. There is definitely a risk though that I won't manage and will start missing updates, or have to go back to twice a week.
However, I want your opinion too, so here's a little poll (which might not work the way I want it to, since I suck at PHP ;). Please vote only once. You can also e-mail me at ak-poll1<at>

When should the comic be updated, if I decide to change the schedule?

Three times, don't care when.
Keep it at twice a week.

Spiky's Link of the Day:

I'm sure you all know Play-Doh. But have you ever thought of using Play-doh as an interface?

Author's notes:

I don't know what Roland's problem is. Oh wait, actually I do ;P. Still, he should just leave Vincent alone.
Some of these panels look somewhat strange, I know. But nobody will notice because they're all distracted by the sight of Roland's boxers :)

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