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Current mood: Tired.

We have snow now. Yep, you'll now have to endure another seven months of me whining about how much I hate snow. Hate hate hate.
In other news, I'm not doing so well right now, guess that's what never-ending stress does to you, so I'll probably have take a couple days break from comic work. As usual, there's enough buffer that you won't notice a difference, and there will probably be enough time for me to catch up so I can do the three-comics-a-week January as planned, too.
Although come November, the social-office/unemployment-office Paper War will start. Wish me luck.

Spiky's Link of the Day:

If you think the "All Your Base" cliche died years ago already, well you're probably right, but ... go watch Zero Wing Rhapsody, anyway (Flash, sound). (mirror)

Author's notes:

I wasn't very motivated when I drew this, and man, it shows. Next one will be better.
Hey, only one month until the 2 year anniversary!

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