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Jeg vil hvile ved en bredd
alt er stille, klart vann
Under flaten finnes fred
Vil du holde meg Vind
Om jeg søker dit ned

    The 3rd and the mortal, "Lengsel"

I kinda need a mood icon for "annoyed & depressed".

Spiky's Link of the Day:

Pig and Bunny in "What's Under There?" (Flash, sound recommended)

Author's notes:

No, Spiky's banner does not say ZOO, it says 200.
Yes, the innkeeper still looks exactly the same. That's because I'm too lazy to draw him a second time. His name is Steven, he's the man of the thousand faces.
Yay, 200 comics! No, I'm not going full colour now, this is a one-time thing. I'm not good at colouring anyway ;P

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