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Current mood: Tired.

I caught a cold. So much for my plan to do lots of comic work this week. Meh.

The two year anniversary of this comic is soon. I was planning to update some of the pages (besides the main page) a bit, but might not find the time. But hey, if somebody would like to draw some fanart for the occasion, at least that page could be updated! *hint,hint* ;)

Spiky's Link of the Day:

Time for another little flash game -- help the rat get the sunflower seeds. It's a bit tricky, mostly because the UI isn't all that intuitive ... but I still found it fun to play.

Author's notes:

I never thought I would manage to draw panel 4 the way I wanted, but I did.
This strip is an example of characters taking on a life of their own. It wasn't planned to go like this. It just suddenly happened.

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