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Happy New Year!

Want to know how to ensure that you'll have cloudy skies for weeks to come? Easy: Buy a telescope.

And remember, the next comic goes online on Thursday! :)

Spiky's Link of the Day:

Heavens-Above is a site I have meant to link for a while, and now that we have a telescope in the household (yay xmas), this seems like a good time. For locations all over the world, they will tell you when you can see the ISS, Space Shuttle, Iridium flares, other satellites... of course it also gives you sun and moon and planet data. All for your location!

Reminder: For the whole month of January, the comic will update three times a week! Yup, that's Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday!

In February, we'll be back to the regular twice a week, Tuesday/Friday schedule.

Author's notes:

OK, panel 2 sucks. New Year's Resolution: Learn to draw dynamic scenes.
What's going to happen in the comic this year? Let's see...
- We'll see an unlikely couple.
- Vincent will see his armour again.
- Somebody will be forced to leave the village for a while.
Happy 2006! :D

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