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Current mood: Happy.

Not happy, more like laughing maniacally.
No, I haven't snapped. Yet. I'm a bit stressed out (ok, more than just a bit), so I'd better not write anything here today ;)

Oh yeah, and it's my sister's birthday today. (No, that's not why I'm stressed ;)). Happy birthday nell!

Spiky's Link of the Day:

Ever played string games as a kid, but can't remember any of the figures now? Never played string games as a kid, and curious what those are about? Diné String Games describes 74 string figures of the Navajo, and provides information about the background and links to more resources.

Author's notes:

Same old problem, losing all the detail while resizing ... I experimented a bit with what would be the best way to draw black armor, and in the end I decided to do it the easy way rather than doing it the accurate way. Just because it saves time :)

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