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"One size fits all."

Now that must be the biggest joke of the universe... I have an unstable knee, and it has been bothering me a bit during taiji practice lately, so I thought I'd buy a new knee support (since the old one I had in user years ago has become too small). So I did. "One size fits all." Now I'm neither extra tall (no, not exactly) nor extra heavy (sure, I should lose 5 kilos, but...) - but the damn thing is too freaking small. Even if I'd lose those 5kg, it probably still would not fit.

What is it? Do I have monster knees from hell or something? Does "one size fits all" on sports supplies mean "all athletic figures"? Or is this the universe's way of telling me that people with unstable knees should not practice taiji?

Oh well. Got to continue without support then. Maybe find one from a different brand where they actually care to manufacture different sizes...

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Author's notes:

Experimenting again, with not so good results this time. Or maybe it's because I should not be drawing when ill, I don't know ;)

Hey, 25 comics! Wouldn't have dreamed that I'll really manage to do this.

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