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Current mood: Tired.

I caught the worst cold ever. Totally unable to do anything. Did not draw this weekend. Will have to go to work tomorrow anyway, because that will be actually less stressful than trying to get sick leave...

(Sluggites: I changed my numbering system, the strip you're looking for is here now. Sorry :))

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Want to know more about yourself? Go draw a pig (needs Flash). Here's mine (draw your own first though!).

Author's notes:

Meh. Sorry for the sketch style. It's really hot and humid here. Can you imagine how hard it is to draw when it's hot and humid?
This will be the last strip I'll draw for a while... first the move, then my parents visiting, then the wedding... and I'm offline for a while, too. I might go as much as four weeks without drawing; we'll see. There are enough comics in the buffer, at least.
Of course, by the time this goes online, I will have moved six weeks ago already and all that ;P

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