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This must be a different mule. It's much smaller than the one in the comic ^_^;
And I'm not sure how Spiky is doing what she is doing, but she's a dragon so all is fine. Yeah, I forgot to put some stupid glow effect on her nose, I know ;)
I didn't nearly have enough time to do this picture the way I wanted. It's not so easy with a mouse anyway (I still don't have a graphics tablet), and it was my first time using openCanvas which I recently bought. Considering all that, it's not that bad, I think ;)

And if you don't like my colours, here's the version my 5-year-old niece coloured.

Author's notes:

He'll do better next year, I promise.

(Right, I have something else for you... I actually made two versions of this strip, and had a really hard time to decide which one is better, the grayscale one or the one in standard comic style. After the sketchier style of the previous one, neither seemed to fit right... Went for the grayscale one, as you can see.)

(Oh yeah, something else still. Swirly dragons used with permission from ;))

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