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Update 2017-08-06:


Thanks to the gracious efforts of the one and only Hand, the forum is back online! (Hopefully actually in mostly working condition ;)). If/when you read this, drop by over there and let us know you're still alive too!

  1. Yes, I'm still alive.
  2. I still intend to finish this somehow, some day, but I can't say when.
Life changes, I don't have as much free time or money as I used to, and other things take priority. I do think about the webcomic just about every day still, but I'm not getting a chance to sit down and work on it at this time. I know there's still long-time readers checking back every once in a while and I'm sorry that I still have to leave you hanging. I'll keep trying, though.

The comic will be updating irregularly on Tuesdays. (For now, "irregularly" means very rarely.)

(Note: The RSS feed is still broken, and I don't know when I'll get around to fixing it. In the meantime, by far the best way that I know of to keep track of updates is Piperka, check it out!)

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