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So, today is the day! This thing finally goes online. Of course I'm happy about that. (Heh, might well be the only time ever I'll use the "happy" icon.) Anyway, this here's the space for me the rant and whine, both of which I might do a lot. (Or then again, not. Because if I were your typical ranter and whiner, I'd have a blog. Which I don't.)
Well, nothing more to say for now. Enjoy the comic!

Spiky's Link of the Day:

This is the space where I'll post some links, provided I'll find something interesting out there. For now I'll just link to my old crappy fanart page, because there used to be a mirror of it at this site, and some people might be looking for it. Go here, that has been that site's correct URL all the time anyway ;P

Author's notes:

Well, well, well. Of course I was a bit too lazy to finish this web site properly ;P In the future, there will be a menu below the comic (below the frame, actually), from where you can access pages like Characters, Story, etc. No point in putting that up yet though, I do have the basic story laid out and I do have background info on quite many characters, but it's just way too early to put that up (And if I did, I couldn't secretly change it later without anyone noticing.) And I only made two "mood-indicator-icons" so far, so don't be surprised if I don't ever seem to be anything but "happy" or "bored" ;P

So, this is my web comic. Welcome. I decided on a very strict four-panel format, one punchline twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays), and still trying to tell a story. I have 8 comics done (and will try to stay about 8 comics, meaning about 4 weeks worth of comics, ahead of schedule. Probably won't work for too long...) and I'm already thinking that the strict format wasn't such a good idea. Besides, the panels are rather small, and my drawings don't always scan and resize that well. But, I'll stick with this format for now. Restrictions are a challenge, right? =)

The reason why I'm doing this? So that I finally learn to draw better. I know well that one can only get better through practice, but I'm just so damn lazy. So I thought that if I impose some strict schedule on myself, maybe then I will finally manage to do something... The other reason, I finished my last big creative project in December 2002, and kinda miss working on a long project. I mean, the break was nice and all, but sometimes I really need schedules and deadlines to be productive.

You see, I'm mainly doing this for myself. If anybody likes it, even better ;)

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