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You know it's finally, definitely, irrevocably winter when:
 - There is snow on the ground.
 - There is ice on the car.
 - The car has winter tyres (like all the other cars too).
 - The number of hours of daylight is lower than the number of hours in your workday.
 - Lots of little things suddenly prefer to go wrong.

I really wish hibernation were an accepted lifestyle...

Spiky's Link of the Day:

Look! It's a little blue dragon without wings! It's also an optical illusion. Print and assemble your own! (Note: The rest of the site is worth checking out too.)

Author's notes:

I'm too overworked to draw, and again it shows. And my buffer is melting away again...
I rephrased this one about twelve times, and I'm still not really happy with it. But well, moving on... Hoping for better times, the next few won't be easy to draw.

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