Well yeah... Several people have asked for merchandise, so I looked around the Internet to see what I could come up with.


If you are in Europe, have a look at the main SHD-WK store. The quality of their prints and products is excellent, as beta-tester antartic can testify.


If you are outside Europe or are looking for a different product, you have two choices:

There's a US-based SHD-WK store, with a somewhat different (and currently more limited) selection than the European SHD-WK store.

Additionally, there's a Spiky dragon store at Cafepress, where you can find a quite different range of products.

Will this help pay for the creation/hosting/maintenance of the webcomic? It will certainly help a bit, even if it's unlikely to ever cover the hosting bill. And the real reason I'll be happy if you buy a Spiky shirt is that it'll help spread the word :)